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1950's tea dress

This vintage find had been sitting in my wardrobe and I'd been relatively unexcited about it. The truth is, I bought it on a whim, a 'why not?' sort of moment.

Pink, even more so pale pink, is not a colour that features much in my wardrobe. I always find myself looking for strong colours, that give more of a contrast to my pale tones. Interestingly, the Spanish fashion designer Lorenzo Caprile whom I've been taking notes on recently, doesn't even agree in traditional wedding dresses. And it's for the same reason. He says white is a colour that favours very few people, and it's a quote that came to mind looking over these photos.

Another thing that held me unsure, was the tea length. I have forever been frightened of tea length dresses. As a petite girl without the gift of long legs, anything that cuts them off shorter can be a little daunting. I've learnt to quickly dismiss midi dresses, and it's often sadly limited the amount of vintage I can buy.

Yet admittedly, soon everything felt so dreamy I forgot to be self-conscious. Plus a pair of vintage Ted Baker heels, and I felt totally at home.

After a difficult morning- which I only got through with the hope of later escaping- that spring afternoon I felt I had fallen back in time. Or else into a fairy garden, where I hadn't even planned the flowers to match my dress (apparently sometimes life is kind lovelies). Someone even stopped to ask me if I was a ballerina, to which I replied, "I wish!"

The necklace is a little piece I made with a friend in a silversmiths. I really recommend finding ways to make jewelry more personal, and of course making it yourself is one wonderful way. I imprinted the pattern I wanted onto the silver, and nowadays I often find myself picking this piece over others, just because it reminds me of my lovely friend.

May I just put in, that it would be a lie to say I didn't experience a thrill as soon as I stepped into this dress that spring day. It was there and undeniable. I felt feminine and refreshed. It reminded me how important it is to be refreshed in the clothes you wear every so often- and I think this true vintage piece returned to my wardrobe feeling treasured, not ignored.


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