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A birthday shoot

Before you start (or not), my birthday isn't at all in April/May, but actually close to Christmas, I simply have taken this long to get sorted and write about this shoot.

My writers block ended on my birthday, which to be honest made me more excited than the presents, because it was joy plus relief. I celebrated this by sitting in a coffee shop after the photos, and taking an hour or two to write beside my friend. Seriously it was relieving though. For months before Christmas my pencil had been getting stuck like a faulty tractor trying to get through an unwilling field. I'm pretty grateful that since then inspiration has kept flowing along with words, and since starting the blog no writers block has come back to haunt me.

All that aside, I feel like I wouldn't be able to write this without mentioning just how stunning this hall is. Henry the 8th actually visited this house, so leaning against a pillar, or sitting on steps he might have treaded on was an odd feeling (which I didn't dwell on). I thought the pillars and constant play of white and blue give it an almost palace-like feel.

The only piece outside of of this cream and pale blue colours scheme were the shoes, so I wanted to focus my thoughts on them. This blush rose feels so easy to combine. I'm picturing them with a white dress in the summer evenings in Spain...but that's a bad example since so many other colours would compliment them. Emerald, peach, blue, black, earth as well as neutral tones...the list goes on. An alternative title for this post would be 'thoughts on shoes'. Because when looking back at this outift, some words of Lorenzo Caprile came to mind. The modista says "the shoes hold the power to make or break an outfit- to either destroy a good one, or turn a lousy outfit into a great one" I have to say, I find this statement relatively true.

This outfit here is simplistic and doesn't say much, chosen to blend with the surroundings and not much more. But with this pair of pointed leather shoes, I don't doubt that you'd agree with me that the final outfit is something sophisticated, even elegant perhaps.

From a young age my mother taught me the importance of only buying leather, that was her definition of 'good shoes', but I never understood why she was so adamant about this rule. It was only recently that my eyes were opened so to speak. I realised she grew up within a community that truly appreciate good shoes. Salamanca is a place I mention a lot- and I should probably explain that it's the place my mum grew up in, a beautiful Roman city that I visit often to visit family. And it is heaven for a shoe lover! There are private boutiques filled with leather every corner you turn. It makes window shopping very fun if not a tad repetitive. Having grown up there, within a community that actually seek to look after their feet whilst supporting slow fashion, it is no wonder that my mum always sticks to this rule.

These cherishable pair were picked up on a trip this year to Salamanca, in a private boutique who had been providing my grandmother with shoes for many years. The guarantee that a pair of shoes will last you decades is something irreplacable- but also, there's something quaint as well as satisfying to be known by the family fitting you with shoes don't you think?

Shoes talk over, the day of my birthday this year really does hold memories I adore. My friend slept over after the shoot, and we laughed till we collapsed on the floor having ran out of strength- and that's a beautiful feeling, and rare. It's become a bit of a tradition to take some clothes to a special location and have a shoot on my birthday; last year I brought a whole suitcase out to a manor house (not that I got through more than three of the outfits). I do really enjoy finding that extraordinary place and getting out there, and spending my birthday totally occupied with thoughts of quick changes, how to improve a shot, and overcoming those fears that are always there at the beginning of the day.

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