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A black dress in summer

My mum handed me down this dress, saying she hadn't worn it once, and I was pleasantly surprised when I tried it on. It has a bit of ruffles which I usually stay away from, I'm been pretty anti-frill recently, but when I had it on I knew I could make an exception.

The temperature was reaching 30, 35 degrees, so a black dress may seem like a strange option, but I know in Spain black is treated very differently. It's actually worn to weddings, and is generally a lot more accepted. I think because the sun is fiercer there, maybe this fear us brits have of driving the sun away with dark colours in the summer is just not present in Spain. The sun manages to make things look bright no matter the colour you wear. My mum always said you could tell which was the Spanish side of the isle at her wedding, because they were all in black.

Also, can't resist mentioning I love the play of light and shadow in the two shots above. We were in an abandoned room with a high ceiling and only one window very high up, so the light play was a treat. To be honest, it felt a bit like a dungeon with comfy chairs.

If it wasn't for the cool of this building, I still would have died though. Only one day of the trip was cool enough to wear a black dress with sleeves along the street, but at least it didn't go unworn. The architecture must all be made to cool us fragile humans down here, and whatever they did, it worked. No air conditioning and the difference from outside and in was a life saver.

Weather talk aside, I picked up these earrings just three days before, and grabbed them forty seconds before leaving the house to wear for this shoot. They're from El Corte Ingles, and I can confidently say I knew I was going to have them as soon as I laid eyes on them. The whole corner had me lifting up different pieces of jewelry to my face and neck for a good thirty minutes before I could decide on the other pieces I'd take away. I love it when you find a corner, or else a whole shop, where everything filling your eyes is beautiful, or really speaks to you. Yes it puts you in a situation (and this has just reminded me of a character on Netflix, Chidi from 'The Good Place' who can't make decisions to save his life), but personally I'd much rather be filled with inspiration than feeling dry and off about what's in front of me.

I'm thinking of collaborating with some writers that I really admire on the blog, and letting them share some creative writing with you. How does that sound? I think a change of voice is sometimes refreshing, and who doesn't love a good bedtime story...

This time photos weren't edited due to personal laziness. But that sunset was pretty marvellous considering cameras have this annoying limitation when it comes to capturing nature's beauty...


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