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A playlist by Raphael

It was in the motorhome, trying out my new earphones with the flat Norfolk fields rolling by, that the realisation landed on me that I'd somehow fallen into a not-particularly-great habit with my music.

I seem to have lapsed into just listening to friend's music.

What began as a favor- I mean, who doesn't love their friends appreciating their music?- somewhere along the line became the norm.

Don't get me wrong, I have come to appreciate so many songs this way, and listen to stuff I wouldn't ever have let my ears go near before. So much so, that I couldn't help but want to create a small 'January playlist' for you.

But when I told Raphael I wanted to share some of his music with you, and could he quickly describe what music is to him, this is the reply that bounced back at me...

"Music is a beautiful vessel of emotion: it characterises human feelings so artistically in their power, wordlessness, frequent irresolution, and yet transient nature. Music is an unparalleled tool for communicating these feelings and expressing our own. Bono 'we have music so I can exaggerate my pain/ and give it a name'"

Um, let's just say I can't quite compare to that.

The truth is since my early teens, I have done a very good job at convincing myself I don't have a good taste in music. It's only really been since that journey, sitting there cosy in the motorhome, that I've began questioning why I've always put myself down about this.

I think there's something about the strength of everyone else's opinions that has made me passive- preferring to sit back whilst others shout over each other about which artist is best. Whilst gifts are another matter entirely, I don't know anyone who'd hide their feelings about music they don't like for the mere sake of politeness. (Apart from me perhaps.)

Down to the bone, I feel I don't know what 'good' music is, and whilst there's a small voice trying to defend the name of subjective taste, I feel so thread-barely educated I'm not sure I'm ready to break down all barriers yet. 'Good music'? Um, can I just ask you back and hope you get so carried away that I don't have an answer?

Since realising the habit I'd formed three weeks ago, I still haven't got down and begun exploring. The general feeling is 'I'll get there someday, and there's nothing wrong with taking it slow'. But I guess now I've written this I really do have no excuse, and I should stop waiting for a fairy to do it for me. In my defence, my ten year old brother taking over my Spotify account last year, and turning all my playlists into Star Wars, didn't exactly help.

So here's the culmination to all this rambling...12 songs I'm pretty happy Raffie got into my life:

I quickly put together this playlist, but if you don't use Spotify then just scroll on for the list of songs too :)

1. If the house burns down tonight [Switchfoot- where the light shines through]

2. Ezekiel [Gungor]

3. I won't let you Go [Switchfoot- where the light shines through]

4. Long Way Off [Gungor- I am Mountain]

5. Grace Alone [Kings Kaleidescope- Becoming Who We Are]

6. The unwinding cable car [Anberlin- cities]

7. Wasteland [Need to breathe- Rivers in the Wasteland]

8. Light and Heavy [Switchfoot- where the light shines through]

9. I am Mountain [Gungor]

10. The shadow proves the sunshine [Switchfoot- Nothing is Sound]

11. Vous etes mon coure [Gungor]

12. Inevitable [Anberlin- cities]

As a sidenote, Raffie's favorite band is strictly Switchfoot, and they have just released a new album (on January the 18th I've been told too many times) so if you fancy listening to some brand new stuff, I think it's called 'Native Tongue'

-Photos taken on our January trip to Norfolk


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