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A summer wishlist

Two weeks ago now I signed a fashion boycott because the reality of what fashion is doing to the environment is just getting far too heavy. For 52 weeks I was meant to buy no clothes, but I have to confess (kill me in frustration now) two weeks after signing I made my first purchase. Blame this post! I wanted to make a summer wishlist but ended up falling far too much in love to resist an order or two. (Or maybe just blame me)

This summer I was really feeling like a white and cream reformation. I don't think I have any white dresses in my wardrobe (bar the wedding dress I aimlessly bought last month), and I was in the mood for the wondering-round-golden-hour-in-a-white-dress feels. I found plenty of elegant pieces, Abercrombie & Fitch has some beauties, but the problem rose again of white not being the best colour for me. Mum was saying "it'll just make you look pale", but then yesterday she told me to embrace my pale skin- so who really knows.

I've decided to go ahead and make a white dress, regardless of having the colour of an albino squirell. The fabric is all ready and I've got a vision for it in my mind (I've cheated, it's practically the one above by Abercrombie & Fitch). All that's left now is to sum up the confidence to begin cutting...

I'm always looking for playsuits I can just throw on. It feels like an easy outfit because there's only one decision to make in the mornings, no thought needs to go into combining, so their perfect for those summer days when your mind is too clogged up with heat to think much about your outfit. Plus, they're a heaven send by the pool. I've had some less dressy ones than the one above in the past, and I loved reading a book by the water with a dry bikini underneath, and then returning with dry underwear after the swim. I don't know, playsuits just make me think of being beside the pool.

I found Simple Retro through Instagram recently, and boy they have some nice stuff. Their slip dresses make me want to head off to Portugal with some wine in hand, and do nothing but sit around looking at mountains. This blouse also has the most perfect shape; I love the button up v-neck front, and the pleats are just enough. There's also just enough drape, and I love how it ends in a fitted cuff- nothing worse than having excess material flapping around your wrists as you're trying to get on with your day.

Side note- I was impressed by Pull & Bear's basket bag collection! It's hard to find original designs now basket bags have become so mainstream, but I found it surprising refreshing when I fell across what they had on offer. https://www.pullandbear.com/gb/woman/sale/accessories/bags-c1030207020.html

What I bought....

(not including what had to be returned- don't remind me I think I'm still grieving)




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