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A white ball gown

I'm not sure I'd like to call this a wedding dress since this is very far from what I'd actually like to look like on my wedding day (if there is one). I was just dressing up and it didn't feel like a wedding dress- just a white ball gown.

Basically I bought this because it had always been a dream of mine to have a collection of wedding dresses just for fun. I thought maybe this could be the beginning of this dream.

It arrived as disappointing as I guess it should have been for the price, but when I put it on after three weeks of abandonment, I began to see the potential in the dress. I think it had been squashed with the delivery, and having a person to fill it's form and fluff out the skirt did the trick.

I had plans to take off all that detail at the top before I wore it, but in the end never got round to sewing and decided to just go out in it as it is.

Both the earrings and the necklace were handmade and remind me of certain people- either the woman who made it for me, or the woman who made it beside me. Both were faithful friends and I guess that really adds something that bought jewellery could never fulfill. Also being alongside two close friends that day was what made me feel so at home. I mean technically I should have felt like a weirdo getting into this dress for the sake of it, but as usual with me and ballgowns, I actually just felt like I was fulfilling a dream.

My other excuse for all this, is at the time I was set on making my art project next year all about ballgowns, and why socially it's not acceptable to go around in them. After some thought I've broadened the horizons of the project, it's going to be on "Does making art 3d make it more alive?" which will then lead into the question of if I was to paint a ball gown and wear it, would it be art, and would it make it more alive?

I bought this dress intending on painting it, but I think deep down it was nothing more than an impulse buy, because I knew tulle is definitely difficult to paint on and bought it anyway. There also may have been another little voice telling me that if this one I can't paint on, it'll mean I have another perfect excuse to by another one...

I've fought so hard to get better over the last two years, and now I've gone through all that effort, I feel like I just want to go wild. If there's a day when I'd like to wear a a ballgown I know it would bring me so much joy to just do it.

Life will probably stop me living in a castle with nothing else to do but ride horses and paint all day; but somehow, wonderfully, it can't actually stop me from wearing ballgowns for the sake of it every now and again...


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