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Auction of Classic Cars

So this trip was very nostalgic to my dad, because he used to go to Classic Car Auctions every weekend with his older brother in his teens. This brother is extremely gifted with cars. Today, he still has a garage full of retro cars, and a load of parts I don't understand, and loves taking them apart and putting them back together again.

My dad was the youngest of four brothers, and all of them loved cars.

But I really wanted to go with him when he said he was going to a car auction, because I knew he'd be happy. And I so wanted to see him happy, and enjoy that with him. I've been learning more and more, how lowering yourself into someone else's world, trying to see the world as they see it, and delighting over their delight over something they love, is such a good way to show love.

I've even been getting much more into cars lately, and now I would even say I'm interested (as LONG, as they're classical). As you know, my heart goes squidgy and alight at anything old, but old cars weren't something I'd considered before.

The place was also at a Race Course, which made the day extra exciting for me, because I've been born with an irreversibly strong love for horses haha.

Anyway, here are the photos. They are all taken on film. More specifically, on my grandad's old film camera. And that made the day so special too.

It was very deliberate to use my grandad's camera, as opposed to the Olympus mju ii, because I know he would have loved to have been there. To see his son, joy in his eyes due to cars, all over again- years, years later. He would have loved to have been at an auction. And I'm convinced he would have loved to have seen me and my excitement that day too. Buzzing off the old cars, which dad says shouldn't be called 'classical', "they're just normal! This was normal when I was young! Why can't they be normal now?". And buzzing off seeing joy in my dad's eyes, and buzzing off the opportunity to use his fabulous camera, which has become so precious to me...

As you can see, some are double exposed, some are triple exposed, and one is literally quadrupedal exposed haha.

I got the treat of developing them on the same day, as I dropped the film roll off at the developers on our way back home. I love them. So different, so much character. So incomparable with digital.


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