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I'd had my eye on Charlotte Tilbury for some months before I headed to the till with products in hand. Make-up seems to me like one of those things that it's easy to get enough of (a full set with the necessities builds up before you can blink) but it's totally near impossible to stop! Personally, I'm an avid experimental when it comes to beauty, and I've found accumulating runs parallel to the experimenter trait. I had just given myself a 'no more makeup 4 at least 2 months' tip-off, when exam season ended, the summer ball was round the corner...and typical me couldn't resist.

Hollywood Flawless Filter {for a superstar youthful glow}: This was the first product I knew I wanted as soon as it touched my skin. It's actually replaced my use of highlighter, because the glow is so much more natural than concentrated shimmer, and I sincerely feel like it's helped me move into a more sophisticated phase of my beauty. During high-school, highlighter was like a bestie, so the fact that I haven't even touched it in a year shows the influence this little bottle has had on me. It's so refreshing when you find a product that actually fulfills the promise on the tin, something that is perhaps famously rare in the beauty industry, and I can't highlight enough how the glow impressed me (pun-intended). I've actually met Tilbury fans who call this a skincare product- which shows something of the skin loving ingredients the Flawless Filter boasts. As a primer, it's grand luminosity gives foundation such a lovely undertone. And I'm also not alone in also using it post-foundation on the cheek bones. Needless to say, it's such a versatile product.

Yet, I wouldn't have reviewed this properly if I didn't mention that, a little goes a long way. I remember the first time using average 'primer amounts' and actually throwing my head back:

ok I need to use a lot less next time 

No lies, it spreads so evenly, honestly feeling like velvet on the skin, and is THE most moisture rich makeup product I have found- I always look for extra moisturising makeup, but was so shocked at how full of moisture this feels. It surpasses anything I'd previously tried with the way it sinks into the face, and makes my skin feel plump and supple. I'd just quickly like to mention the brush before I finish (once I get going I could fill an afternoon talking about this babe) it's the softest sponge imaginable, a design which I much  prefer to the simple pipette of the upcoming foundation...

Light wonder foundation: I've found this works well in par with the flawless filter, as the look has a luminous tint so doesn't nullify the glow at all. However, it doesn't feel as moisturising as the Hollywood flawless filter, and I have used foundations which felt like they glided better. It is wonderfully lightweight so if your someone looking for something that will enliven your complexion without needing too much coverage it's the perfect fit. When I dropped a few drops onto my hand beside a couple of other foundations that are on my love-list, I realised the tone was much more golden-brown than the rose and peach undertones of the other two. The effect is a super healthy looking complexion, or 'sunkissed' as they say.

When it comes to the bottle, I'm more of a fan of the cylinder shape than this thin tube- but I guess that's just a question of taste. The packaging is far far lighter than the flawless filter's glass, which means it work well for travel, I just personally prefer a more weighty feel- it feels to me that glass is much more timeless than plastic.

You wouldn't have thought it, but there's actually a good amount of product packed into this compact bottle; 10ml more than the standard 30ml. So if your comparing prices, than this may help sway things.

The Feline Flick: Anyone else find this a weirdly catchy name, or is that just me?

I didn't have a liquid eyeliner at the time so decided to pick one up whilst I was there. I actually adore the feel of this brush. It's super fine (as the name implies), so I tend to build on the look, and it glides so so easily.

After being scared away by all these daunting myths people instill about eyeliner, call it an overreaction if you will, but I really felt like I'd overcome something and obtained confidence. Eyeliner doesn't have to be a nightmare to apply...you just need to land on the right applicator- and I felt so lucky to have found gold first time.

Yet, I just wish the texture of the liquid was a little firmer! Truth be told, I've found it a little too watery, and feel really let down after all the potential the brush built up. By the end of the day, I've actually found there's no eyeliner to take off, which leaves me a bit put out, hovering my cotton wool in mid air like 'oh'. Nevertheless, I'm going to start using the eye primer I usually only get out for eyeshadow. The idea just occurred to me last night, and I'm really keen to see if that fixes the liner.

Collagen lip bath in Refresh rose: Here's another product I bought on a whim, simply because I didn't have a lip plumper at home. To me the packaging is just sublime, the rose gold details on the glass adding a whip of glamour. It actually has a distinctly minty scent, which I am attached to now and find really refreshing- even though I was expecting something more rosy. I really find having plump lips uplifts and pinches your whole look; and I'm really getting into just mascara, and natural-coloured-but-plump-lips kind of days. My one request would be to have more! How much product is definitely a downfall for me, there's 3. 6ml which is half the amount that an average mascara contains. This has so restricted my enjoyment, because I quickly realised that after using it just three times a quarter of the serum had gone. When you're using makeup the worst feeling is guilt for using it up or any kind of dread, because after all it's there to be used! I do feel like I'm rationing the product at the moment, which feels really disheartening, but at least I get pleasure from seeing the bottle on my desk hehe.

Overall, you may have noticed its the packaging that mostly draws me to Charlotte Tilbury. There's an unavoidable vintage star vibe which has me slightly obsessed- and for me the Hollywood flawless filter is an icon in this respect. I really love the gold lid- it's breadth gives so much play for reflected light.

At the beginning of my art project, I actually used these products for a photoshoot simply due to their aesthetic- I knew I wanted to create a project on vintage beauty but didn't know where I was going to go with it yet. It was so lovely to have something I see everyday fuel my art project, I couldn't ever have expected it to inspire me as much as it did; and the 1950's vibe to Charlotte Tilbury has simply added to my admiration for the brand.

Admittedly, yes there are a few things that made the arrow land slightly off perfection- I never found a lip colour that flattered me and would really appreciate a little more variety. But why was I expecting perfection anyway? Beauty brands often promise so much we find ourselves being caught up in it all, and I know time and time again I've had to bring myself back down to earth.

A little dilemma arose when I considered whether to include the shots taken from my Charlotte Tilbury trial. I was actually having a difficult day with my mental health- and trying to cover this up was exhausting. In the end, I decided not to fool you with photos where I looked ok. Treating myself to these babies didn't stop me weeping as soon as I got home...

That just reminded me I wanted to speak from the heart about the part makeup plays in my life, and really share some thoughts with you, but it looks like I didn't quite get there. I don't at all wear makeup everyday- but maybe that's a story for another day.

Much love,

Mimi x

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