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Cotton shorts & a top with colour

Summer feels like a dream of the past with all the rain landing on us here, so sorry this feels a little out of touch, but I actually do enjoy going back over summer photos after having had a stressful day at school, and my mind needing a break from all those thoughts of exams, and the all-dreaded deadlines.

We all need a reminder sometimes that the daily stresses haven't and won't be forever, there's a place of beaches and fresh air and no responsibilities out there. And one day you'll land there again, and feel the sun....

I feel like cotton shorts aren't something I would usually think about. I wasn’t at all looking for some...but when I came across these I loved their linen-look. Plus, the pale stripes gave them that little bit of character.

I find shorts so difficult, I have small legs and they often cut at the wrong place, or they're so short that when I sit down they rise up and suddenly I'm not wearing shorts at all. These are longer than any shorts I’ve had before, so I took them to the changing room not expecting to like anything other than their aesthetic (my usual fate with shorts, love the piece but can't seem to look even half ok in them), but ended up loving the fit. Because they are so relaxed, they make sitting down a dream after stiff, rigid denim, and the waist is so flatteringly high.

I found myself wearing them constantly because of their comfort, and they were the perfect solution for days when I couldn’t be bothered with denim. They also let in a bit of breeze which is very handy on summer days where you just want to walk around with a fan in hand everywhere; give me a well-made Spanish fan that matches my outfit any day.

Plus, after these photos I learnt the benefits of how quickly they dry. Twenty minutes in and I gave up on keeping them dry (or rather the waves decided to attack me and I had no choice).

I loved bringing variety to my collection of shorts when I found these. Before, I didn't have any of a pale colour- and something about oatmeal, white or beige shorts makes me think of the 1940/50's summer day ones; when women showing their legs was still a little taboo, and the denim short hadn't arrived from America yet.

The pale tones also allowed for all my coloured tops to combine, and I do love a top with colour.

Mimi x


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