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Cream Spring dress

By now I'm sure you will be very familiar with this dress, but I wanted to collect a series of photos all in one place- so here they are.

I made this dress with a clear vision in mind, and I just love seeing things come to reality. As soon as I saw the fabric, I knew I wanted to create a wrap front spring/summer dress, with little sleeves, just like this.

It still surprises me today how strong that picture in my mind was, and how just looking at the fabric was all it took to make that image spring up and stick. And I didn't want to make any compromises after that either. I wanted it exactly as I had in my head- so I used a wrap front dress pattern I had already, and adapted one or two things (the sleeves and skirt hem) to satisfy the need I was feeling to have it exactly as I imagined.

Sometimes, (the lucky times) you simply have a firm sense of assurance and confidence that all will go well throughout creative processes...and I think I really did have that for this dress.

I kept working forward on it without ever coming to a midway crisis or demotivation (the usual way with all my sewing endeavors).

It felt like I always going forwards.

Not that everything was easy, simply that my mindset was positive enough to work through it each time I came to a tricky point.

I learnt so many new techniques I hadn't known before making this dress, and I threw myself into them headfirst.

In fact, I actually found working things out for myself so refreshing and helpful. I am no longer having dress making lessons, but a result of this, through this dress I learnt how much you can benefit just by working things out yourself.

Before, I remember how often I would feel lost when my teacher gave out instructions, and followed them without comprehending in my mind why, and how that would really help the construction of the dress.

However, with all guidance taken away, I had to do the thinking all by myself haha, and ended up loving that. Naturally, I am an independent learner....That simply suits me very well academically, and I found that constructing this garment was no different.

I even videoed some of the process of making the dress, and had a two minute video with everything coming together and then the end result with me wearing it, but I think I lost the edit oops. But I don't really mind, these photos feel more than enough. Even if they don't show what the dress looked like, when all it was all odd-looking, nonsensical shapes on the ground.

Showing my Grandma this in the summer this year in Spain was a special moment, because she was blown away (in the sweet proud grandma way I am so lucky to have from her). She's an extremely talented artist and sewer, where my artistic streak came from rather than my parents, so seeing me begin making dresses meant a lot to her, and brought back a lot of nostalgia I think.

She begins telling me about the clothes she made for her six children, when I begin talking about making my dresses, and I think she just loves sharing that in common with someone. We've always been close knowing we both share love for so many things in common. I, like her, also love painting. We both also love clothes, dresses, fashion, photos, Salamanca, the whole of Spain, gold stone, the mountains, and creating. Which is a lot in common.

She did a big inspection of my sewing haha and was very pleased to see I had finished it properly with facing, and neat hems. After I made my first dress last year, when I went to Spain my grandma took me to a fabric shop in Salamanca, and left me equipped with plenty of fabric, some zips and thread, which I made three mini skirts out of, and still have some beautiful vintage-feel fabric left for a dress. There's enough metres of it for plenty of pleats and a big 1950's skirt, so I'm excited to see what one day I will turn it into.

Anyhow, that's all. If you have any more questions about the dress, or how I made it, feel free to send me a message.

Lot's of love,

Mimi x


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