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February sun, and jeans talk

The last day of a trip always calls for clothes of comfort, and typically heavier items to free up space for new pickups needing to be squeezed into the suitcase. But on the last day of visiting the family I was faced with a day of 26° (February nonetheless) in a roll neck I'd bought back in the chilly land of England.

We were in a café just opposite, but the sun and this gorgeous stone were calling me outside. I felt a little dismayed at not being prepared for a shoot, but here's an outfit I hadn't planned for anyway.

My grandma tells me this is the oldest church in Salamanca which is pretty cool- it’s a lot simpler and smaller than the later ones, which makes it feel like there was suddenly a boom in architecture where designers went on a crazy competition of who could be the most elaborate. That's my version of the story anyway. There on those steps, memories of my cousin’s baptism were also sailing into mind. The entire family being together always makes for precious memories, and that day the church had been wrapped in as much sunlight as the afternoon I now found myself in.

I bought this Zara top last month mainly for the colour. To be honest I find Burgundy three-quarters of the time irresistible. It’s a colour with a depth a richness I adore, without falling into the 'tomato red' colour which I am always running from. Being pale, I'm always looking for colours with enough strength to lift and provide contrast to my colourings, instead of tones that sink with my skin and do nothing to favour the face.

I also seem to have accumulated a tendency towards ribbed items over the years. The other day I was reading an article about horizontal and vertical lines, which mentioned that whilst checking yourself in the mirror, it should be at the back of your mind that the direction of lines sometimes effects an optical illusion and can make you look slimmer or wider. This is something that depends on the item, as every stripe is different, but I wonder now if ribbing counts. I certainly feel ribbed clothing has always followed my body in a way I've liked. It doesn't hang miles away from the waist, but rather is good at staying by your shape- without the nipping of an elasticated waist, which is too often uncomfortably tight.

There are a few black buttons placed on the shoulder which adds a little interest to this top, though I think my hair decided it was going to cover them. And I love how though the neckline is so high, the cropped length prevents it from an overly wintery feel. I just about got away with bringing this piece on a sunny winter trip, and versatility is something I am always looking out for.

On to the bottom half, it was December when I suddenly got an urge to go back to mum jeans, (take it from me, style sickness exists). And not just that, but at the same time an urge overtook me to throw out all of my skinny jeans. This week I've learnt I can't quite live like that and headed out admittedly keen to get a slimmer fitting style back into my wardrobe, but hey ho I tried. I think I've learnt that basics aren't items you argue with.

I picked these up whilst looking for blue jeans, because they fit and got to appreciate these rare moments when they come. Without a doubt, jeans are the most frustrating part of the wardrobe to get right. I don't know about you, maybe you're somehow lucky, but I find we're all so different it really feels like madness to simply have available 'this size' or 'that size', without our unique curves and shapes ever being accounted for. Jeans are therefore an item I've thought for years now that I'd more than happily pay a designer to tailor just for me.

It’s sad, but I've never in my life had a pair of jeans I've felt comfortable in. There has never been anything that quite sits right, or that I've not felt self-conscious about- and yet jeans are such a staple to be able to achieve an 'effortless' look in seconds, that I'm far from ready to give up the fight.

I was missing the authentic denim look that takes me back to the styles I see my mum as a teenager rocking in the eighties, and gives a more 'don't care', 'relaxed' feel to any outfit you build around them. I love how the name conjours up images of a busy mama with too much stuff to do to get out of their jeans habit in the mornings. Romanticised I know, but in this case I'm not in the mood for excusing myself.

Topshop is always a good option as they have many styles, a great selection of colours, and importantly for me a petite section. However, the stock in petite sizes is so much more limited! In stores you'll only find a small corner, and online, though I repeatedly checked the website, all the styles my eyes were drooling over were consistently sold out for smaller leg sizes. *deep breath and onwards*

Someday the clothing world will listen to our petite cries. I bought the belt in our January trip to Norwich, in the colourful market that never fails to inspire me. Its leather, only cost me £6, and it feels good to have supported a smaller source rather than heading to a chain, even if they had the stamp of leather too. I'm conscious of the lack of accessories here other than the belt, but I'm trying to bite back the urge to be overcritical.

This was a fairly odd post to write. Unplanned and written on the bus to the airport; yet somehow, I hammered down the thoughts and they spilled out just the way I like it. Perhaps that's because the photos were taken only an hour beforehand, and plus let's be real there's always plenty to say about jeans. Or perhaps because the sun not only gives your face vitamins but feeds the mind with inspiration tablets (new theory here). Or else the act of doing things differently did it. After all, finding things to say of an outfit which I thought there was nothing to say about, is a breaking down of a barrier in itself. Basically, I feel the instantaneous nature of these photos freed me from too much overthinking, and that's something that made me smile.



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