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Mundaca & some words

Hey, how are you doing?! The question 'how are you' always makes something tremble deep within me haha, so I always try to be aware of that when I ask others that question, but I do like to know how others are. Blogging is a strange sensation because I always miss the conversation side. I'm talking, but I'm completely in the dark and blank as to what your thinking, your side of the story, your thoughts and opinions on whatever it is I'm talking about. And that's something which I really miss.

I think that's why often I revert back to long captions on Instagram instead of the blog, because then at least a conversation will be evoked in the comments. I don't think this page leaves it very easy to leave comments here, it's not at all as straight forward or familiar as on Instagram, so often the conversation will feel very one sided, and often from my point of view, things feel like they fall flat. It's such a strange sensation, because as you hit 'publish', your words go out into the world, and often they seem like they've gone out only to be put back into a closet. It's a strange sensation, because you don't know how many read and appreciated the blog post, how many related, how many engaged their hearts and minds, and how many found nothing to like about a collection of words and images with no other purpose.

Though I admit it's not greatly healthy way of looking at it, I often feel like I'm putting a burden on people when I advertise a blog post on my story- just a little burden, but it's there all the same. An obligation to my friends to read it, an obligation to people who half want to, half want to just not be bothered to read. And I think this way of seeing it has a huge impact on me every time I do advertise on my story. Simply put, it often feels like, I'm not really sure who I'm writing to at all, if they want me to be writing at all, and if hitting publish only puts words back into a closet again.

I think I really don't know if I still believe in the value of being honest and vulnerable, or if people would much rather I stick to inspiring topics and inspiring words, and not ever put down a word which sounds like self doubt. I don't know if I'm helping anyone by attempting to be more open, or if I'm not at all being honest enough, and should stop hiding topics which if I did open up about, I know I could write something powerful and truly raw and honest about. I don't know if these blog posts are helpful or a waste of space. I just don't know.

Anyway, the truth is, I really love some of these photos. They have a lightness and airiness which uplifts me, and that tone of blue is just so marvellous. I think they must sum up all the reasons why the sky is blue- I mean, it's just so calming. The blue in the one with the lamppost in particular; it makes my heart just breathe deeper. I posted that one to Instagram whilst feeling apologetic because I feel like you guys are less interested in the photos without people in them, but I just loved the tranquil of the deep blue, and the crackled white paint of that intricate lamppost. I mean, it has five light bulbs and everything, five. I think it's remarkably pretty.

I was a bit unsure whether to share this at all, because I felt like just because I like the photos, may not mean that anyone else will. But I think if I can't share things because I find them beautiful, then there wouldn't be much point of this blog anymore. I need to try and stand my ground if I like something, and somehow get rid of this sensation that no one wants to see my photos without people in them. Or rather, get rid of the sensation that other people finding photos boring that I find calming, is the be all and end all, of whether I can post them.

This is a lovely Basque town called Mundaca, which has boats in a tiny harbor, and then out flows the sea if you walk past them. These are all unedited and untouched, and the simple truth is, I like them.

...And even if one or two are not in perfect focus- at least that creates a softness, which really fits in with the mood of the tranquil colour pallette.

There was an amazing ancient chapel too, with high round windows, and a position just on the cliff edge. On the side, it has some steps and a arch. And if you were to just tread carefully and continue under the arch- it would lead you to a magical stone patio which overlooks the sea. That stone arch and the magnificence of the views it led to was my favourite part. I could just imagine a Narnian 'Cair Paravel' scene being filmed here, with the Kings and Queens of Narnia on the patio overlooking the sea. {Unfortunately I didn't take photos of the patio, but at least that leaves a gap for the imagination to whirr round a little.}

At the front of the chapel, with the entrance, I took these photos of Dan, my friend. I find it's a shame they added the black metal stair rail, and the steps looked like they had been a modern replacement too.

But I'm confident that, long ago, this chapel would have blended so beautifully into the landscape. With only manmade stone stairs, and a completely peaceful patio for the monks or pastors to pace whilst preparing their services. I can imagine them just looking out to the sea and grounding themselves if they ever got stressed; stopping to pray, breathe, calm any urgency, and let the immense miles of the endless blue, put peace on their heart and mind.

On the walk back the sky began turning purple like this last picture, and I watched the moon all the way back. My eyes were fixated on it, and I kept it that way, then stopped to take that picture when I spotted the palm tree too.

Last but not least, I thought I'd pop these photos of me with Bruno at the end of this. These were taken still in Mundaca the next day. I had spotted this dappled lighting on the wall appear everyday and shift and change with the changing of the trees and sun. Dappled lighting through leaves is something I have always adored. It's just so incredible how many shapes are created, and how they are constantly changing and evolving. So many shapes must be made through leaves and the sun alone. Billions of shapes, because by the second one side of a circle gets stretched out into an oval, or whatever it may be haha. I just love how it's always changing.

So here I am with Bruno, my little brother's bear. I don't talk about my brothers much on here because they prefer not to appear on social media at all, but I have two brothers, one older one younger. And the youngest, Lucas, adores bears. He has a bear pencil case, bear information books, bear notebooks, birthday cards, and of course, his beloved Bruno. For real though, he looks so cute cuddling Bruno all the time. Bruno goes everywhere with Lucas, big though he may be. So although we all weren't too happy about Bruno taking up so much space in the motorhome...of course Bruno had to come on the roadtrip through Spain. To Lucas, that was non-negotiable.

Sending love and courage,

Mimi x


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