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My relationship with blogging

I read two to three blog posts a day, and it's simply become a part of my life that I really enjoy. The app bloglovin’ makes this easy, as it has all my favourite blogs in one place. Going to someone’s blog always seems like more effort, but just clicking on the app and having all the new posts from the blogs I follow regularly is beyond easy. If you want to give this a go you can type in ‘Mimi Elisa’ to the search bar, and see if bloglovin' works better for you. It feels good to be always up to date because the app gives me a notification every time someone posts, but to be totally honest, I still find myself scrolling through to see if there was one I missed...

Maybe I enjoy it because one of my favourite feelings is to be inspired...but it also occurs to me that it's do with how, as human beings, we naturally love stories. My older brother’s a great one to talk about this, he’s a very talented scriptwriter, and the study we share is filled with books on how to improve your screenplay plot, develop characters…ect.ect...He’s the one who first told me "As human beings, we love stories" and there was something that I liked about that. I mean we also love feeding our self-centeredness, so it felt like a much nicer attribute to think about. That’s another reason why I love blogging- dipping into someone else’s lives and letting them tell a tale is engaging somehow.

And let’s not beat around the bush, I’m a curious being.

Someone told me recently that "People tend to remember the bad things more than the good things"- and this just struck me as very true. I know I definitely just label the past few years as ‘bad’, without remembering the moments where God showed his love amongst it. Moments of deep love- even if that love later turned painful- moments of deep friendship, and summer days on holiday where the world looked so gorgeously full of sun, unspoilt, and breathtaking.

I’ve been finding more and more that this is my space to record just some of those moments. Having a space where all the memories attached to the photos weren’t actually painful, has become an unexpected reminder every time I head back to this space, that I have so much to be thankful for...

I don’t quite know why writing is so therapeutic to me, but I know it is. I think it was when I was thirteen that for around a year I spent every Saturday writing my novel nonstop in my pyjamas, with a quick run fitted in if it wasn’t raining. I didn’t even give myself breaks, just dipped into the past like a thick dream and didn’t come out till Monday came around again. It was a brilliant form of escapism; I say brilliant because it did totally consume me.

Nowadays, creative writing slightly more abandoned, blogging is how I’m finding expression for the writer in me. There’s no better feeling than having strung together a blog post and finally posted it after agonising over word choices and sentence structure. I often leap up, throw my hands in the air and give some random exclamation- which would probably trigger a weird look and a laughing at from any half-normal onlooker.

The great thing is, I’m finding a blog post doesn’t have to be a perfectly-executed essay on a specific subject, just with a lot more photos involved, it can and often is just one train of thought chugging continuously till the end. I love it when out of the blue words just start playing over in my mind to form sentences, until I feel I have to write them down.

Truth be told, there are moments when I really can’t stand social media (Instagram has it’s bad sides who are we kidding). But at the end of the day I go back t o it because I love what I do. I love creating content and having my mind filled with it days after the post has been uploaded, I love sharing beautiful things from this world on my stories, and receiving positivity from you guys that argues against my thoughts when I’m low.

I don’t want to look back on my time blogging as a time feeling the pressure to always be online, when really I’d much rather be living life. There’s a real pressure for bloggers to be online as much as possible, but that’s something I want to find a way to ignore. For me personally, I’ve found breaks are necessary, and when my mind wants a break from the 'gram, it tells me more than clearly. My numbers do always go down, and it’s often a toll to get engagement back up again, but again, it’s about letting go of all that and saying ‘I needed that time away, and that’s more important eighty-seven times over’.

To me, it’s about letting go of that firm grip we all have on worrying about what people will think, and just being a bit kinder to myself surrounding self-expression. Blogging is my hobby, and for as long as it stays that way, I want to continue…

Mimi x


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