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Silk headscarfs and a playsuit

I feel like it’s a little obvious, but the reason why I love headscarves is because they instantly can make any outfit, even one straight out of a new seasons stock, take you straight back to the sixties. They have a vintage and retro nostalgia about them which makes them instantly likeable; also I discovered the volume it gave my hair was just great. Made me realise that if I’m ever having a flat hair day, a headscarf would probably sort things out (I feel like they do frame the face in a really classy as well as flattering way, and no wonder there are so many stunning photos of 1950s models smashing the headscarf look. Marilyn Monroe included.)

I’ve always used pre-made headbands, which are basically fabric which have been bunched up or elasticated, but it felt so much more authentic to just have a long rectangle of material and roll it up and style it myself. Plus, they’re so wonderfully easy to get hold of second hand, pop into any charity shop and they’re bound to have some somewhere, and antique shops tend to have a stack around too.

Their versatility are also great. Apart from simply wrapped around and tied into a knot like this, you can wear one in a ponytail to add some colour and added interest, tie a bow, use it to shape a vintage roll and have a pretty headband peeping out at the front, and if its thin enough, even intertwine it with a plait. As if that wasn’t enough, they also look totally chic around the neck- I know there's been a kick in retro prints and neckscarves recently- or tied round trousers as a belt with a much lighter feel. It's always fun to know you have a piece which you can choose how or even where to wear, depending on what you wake up feeling like that day.

This was probably the quickest purchase I’ve ever made, as I simply flicked through the scarves (which were neatly folded up in squares in one of those quaint wicker baskets), and when I saw this one, the third one down, immediately thought of this playsuit. The colours go perfectly, and I knew it would make a lone piece into an outfit, which is always an exciting feat.

Moving onto the playsuit, I had just dyed my hair earlier that week when I found it, so when I tried it on the tones matched so well it instantly felt like it had been designed for me. I’m not sure I talk about dying my hair too much, but occasionally I dye it red except it comes out a lot subtler than on the package simply because my hair is dark, and the resulting colour is just a little more auburn, a little redder, a little more vibrancy to my natural brown. So it felt pretty incredible when in the mirror I realised this playsuit looked like it had been colour picked from my hair.

I always find playsuit's fit are a little more difficult too; the torso to leg proportions are even more vital than in a dress, so it’s a bit of a hit and miss situation. Maybe the shorts are too long, or the crotch is too high- two issues that dress buying doesn’t have- so it felt like a bit of a miracle when this fit well.

I’d actually been looking for a summer playsuit because the ones from previous years were only fit to wear by the pool, I wanted something a little dressier that I could wear out or just around the house without it feeling like pyjamas. This fit the bill perfectly, and I’m pretty happy the search is over- heading to the changing rooms with a playsuit in hand would genuinely make me nervous at times.

I also thought this headscarf would look great with some vintage light wash jeans and a fairly pale coloured blouse. It’s a statement in itself, but I don’t think that means I can’t find a slightly dramatic top to wear it with so long as the colours don’t clash. I’d also love to see it with some dungarees, my linen overalls will probably be coming out very soon again now that October is coming round, and I can’t wait to feel like a rebellious woman from the mid 20th century wearing trousers and a headscarf.

There’s something about dressing up that I love about clothes, how different pieces can remind you of characters from the movies or books, or take you back to an era and make you try and invent a character who would wear your outfit. It’s something I’d love to explore more actively- the challenge of putting yourself into a character’s mind when you’re choosing clothes in the morning sounds like a fun one to say the least…


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