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Part 1

Cable Girls

Following up from 'Taking Inspiration from Film' I wanted to compile a moodboard of costumes from films and series which inspire me with their wardrobes. Cable Girls came to mind because of their vibrant 1920's attire. The outfits always feel very complete, with jewellery, bags, headpieces, coats...and I also love how the lipstick seems to match so often.

P.S. The wedding dress is at the end!

<Flapper Girl and Party Dresses>

<Nightgowns and Nightwear >

<Red and fuschia> Note: Carlotta's autumnal two piece (on the last two slides) is particularly creative, see the contrasting fabric on the arms which is showed off on with the side-on shot, and the way the burgandy contrasts with her bright blonde hair.

<Mustard and gold>


<White> Note: How original is no.2?!

<Light blue>

<Dark blue and black> (I know the first one is debatable, I suppose it is purple really but I had far too many purple stills)

<Furs and fur coats>

<Something so unusual it deserves a moodboard of it's own>

<The Wedding Dress> Note the many many buttons along the sleeve, the voluminous veil, the headband, the elegant gloves just made out of a transparent voile and the drop-pearl earrings.


<Purple> I saved the purple till the very last because I think it's the colour that suits the character best.

Though I love every one of these stills, the first outfit stood out for me throughout the series. Cybil from Downton Abbey wears something very similar but in green, and it has always stuck in my memory (despite her only wearing it for a couple of scenes in one episode).

It's also breathtaking when they pair the purple with fuchsia or red...whether this be on the lips, details in the set design, or with a hat, I am obsessed.


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