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Part 2

The Bletchley Circle and High Seas

I decided to put all the images from The Bletchley Circle in one slideshow just because there weren't as many because it was only really one of the characters, Millie, who's wardrobe I felt I just had to share. Personally I find Millie irresistibly likable as a character, she's clearly got an artistic flare and enjoys style much more than the other mathematical, but behind the lipstick she's so obviously intelligent, wise, and the total opposite to naive. You get the great impression that she's naturally independent too, in that scene on the 5th photo, she talks a little about why men really aren't worth it, and the fact that she doesn't put her trust in men just makes her seem wise in my eyes...She's an incredibely attractive woman but it feels just generally feels to me like men wouldn't deserve her- and she doesn't let the men those men touch her, it's not worth it.

I love her headbands, the drop earrings that suit her so well, and that fabulous silk kimono over a pretty stunning nightgown. I'd very much like to walk around in one of those when I'm living in my vintage-decorated flat someday.

This series feels very authentic and real about 1950's England post the World War, so the clothes are definitely included in that. It's not romantacised so that everyone goes around like Audrey Hepburn. Even if department stores were sudennly offering stunning clothes after the war, it doesn't mean everyone had the means to step up their wardrobes - or wanted to. It's why the other's characters' clothes are so dull in The Bletchley Circle, lots of dull colours and cardigans- they're still very much stuck in 1940's everyday wear. I think when I read articles about clothing in a particular decade or era of, its so easy to apply that to everyone, without remembering that just like today, not everyone is going to be wearing the fashion.

Again this is the 1950's, although Spain not England, so in High Seas they've had a little longer to recover since the Civil War finished in 1939, and the Spanish were never involved in the second World War. Also the characters are all wealthy, so having good style would be made much easier for them than the Bletchley girls, but I just adore their clothes.

The colours are a lot more vibrant and the whole series feels a lot more modern and less authentic than The Bletchley Circle, but it makes for awesome cinematograhy, and colour in clothes, which is hardly something you can complain about.

<Natalia> This character gets consistently very strong colours for her outfits and I love them, also that black dress with the interesting decor on the bodice seems particularly original...

<evening gowns>

<the everyday wear of Eva and Carlotta>


<A purple cut-out dress>

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