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Taking inspiration from film

It's not untrue to say that if i watch TV, it'll be for the clothes. I think this began when I was twelve, and I'd get out a movie and sit there with the control, fast forwarding to the scenes where her dress had stuck in my mind- and playing the scene over so I could admire every angle of it.

Whether or not this is normal behaviour doesn't bother me, I still remember each of those dresses that I went out of my mind to look at again...and maybe that's an idea for a new blog post, to share some of them with you.

More recently, I've been drawing inspiration from a Spanish series set in the 1920's. Although the drama feels somewhat absurd at times, I've learnt to look past the erratic happenings, and only have eye for the retail. When films or series have a quality costume wardrobe, it makes me want to track down the studio and help myself to the rails.

I've been searching online for 1920's clothing such that would make me feel like I could have walked into Swan & Edgar's 100 years ago, meander about the floors and walk out again, without anyone having batted an eyelid. So far my search has been bitterly unfulfilled, but if all else fails a reproduction Flapper Dress would not leave me disappointed.

The great problem I keep encountering is, as with all vintage, finding my size requires a fairy godmother. But I'm still telling myself that patience is all I need. Someday I might even wriggle myself into the costume industry, or at least run a laundry shop in an area where there are lots of theaters and studios lying around.

Talking of the 1920's, today I've been reading the Great Gatsby all day. I and another four girls in my class are studying it for English Literature, and we sit there as our teacher talks about the superficiality in even Daisy and Gatsby's love story, soaking in the tragedy. Actual love doesn't seem to be existent in any of the texts we've been given, and although the others said they'd hate to be plonked into the world of the Great Gatsby, I have to admit the dresses do sound more than tempting.

I'm still having a hard time getting over how coarse and raw the way we dress in the 21st century feels to me. They may seem like odd adjectives, but where is the dreaminess the first half of the 20th century provided? When I go to Salamanca it all seems a little softer, with translucent curtains letting in the sun, and people conscious of being elegant just to stroll down the street. It's not time travelling, but it does make me feel more at home.

- Photos take in Salamanca, Spain


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