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The oversized & unashamed

(Disclaimer// This post is sponsored by People Tree, and the dress kindly gifted)

When I lifted this dress out of the packaging, I immediately took a step back and thought 'oh my, what have I got myself into'. Unfitted dresses is not the sort of thing I ever gravitate towards or even consider. Give me an oversized vintage blazer or tee anyday, but for me dresses have always seemed to require the 'fitted' filter in search results.

The more I reflect on clothes, the more I spot the trends I always go for, and this to me just made me realise how caught up I can be in the rather black and white 'this looks good on me' and 'this I would never wear' sections.

What first attracted me to the dress from the picture online had been the oversized factor however. I wanted to try something new. An those fabulous bell shaped sleeves were giving me kinda hipster vibes which I was keen to delve into. So it shouldn't have been a surprise to me when I lifted it out...but that old 'unfitted dress' fear swept over me nonetheless.

I think what surprised me about People Tree, is that their clothes really do have character. And every once and a while, like the V&A collection I recently shared on my story, a selection with bold inspiration and real bravery, seems to catch my attention- and keeps me going back to the browsing the brand late at night when I should be sending emails.

They haven't settled for the ordinary, which is something I really love. I actually ended up feeling empowered; the opposite to what I was expecting from an overzised non-fitted dress.

Apart from all that, what really stood out was the great quality of the dress. I felt it straight away in its weight, as I lifted it out of the packaging- and then again when I felt the fabric. It almost seemed to be speaking "organic". Which is just what People Tree is of course.

It's been a dream partnering with a brand that looks after their workers so well. With fast fashion growing at an ever frightening pace, giving support to those brands who are ethically focused is unquestionably important. I think fast fasion is a topic we actyally want to brush under the carpet and not think about a lot of the thing, but umm this world has run into a serious situation with clothes right now.

I wasn't expecting it at all, but several people actually unfollowed me when I put fast fashion awareness on my story. Though I wasn't at all bothered by it, it just goes to show how much we'd rather live comfortably, and keep buying, than face up to the facts of what fast fashion is doing to this world, and millions of people too.

Without firing too much at you, it would take 12 years to recycle what fast fashion produces in 48 hours. Además, it is the 2nd most polluting industry in the world after oil, and also, thousands keep dying from collapsing buildings whilst making clothes every year. The companies do not even insure that their workers are in a safe building.

I've still not got my head around all People Tree does to fight this, but basically, it's a lot. Every part of the chain is thought of. From looking after the cotton farmers, t ensuring the processes of washing the garments are the best they could possibly be for the environment, to opening colleges to offer training to not only adults- farmerrs and artisans- but also children who need and want a secure future.

Apart from that, every worker is paid exactly as they should (what sadly seems to have become a miracle in today's fashion industry); they are provided with 100% safe working conditions; and each garment is made from the most sustainable and organic fabrics the world can offer. They also campaign for sustainable fashion, and you know what- I'm just going to stop there because they do so much haha.

So apart from getting a snazzy dress, I know that all along the line this dress has been made by supported workers and environmentally friendly techniques. It truly feels like the most beautiful quality- and the fact that I know everyone has been paid well, just takes it to another level of beauty.



If you want to find out more about going slow, never feel shy to get in contact with me, or read my blog posts on ethical fashion.


Mimi x

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