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The power of a red lipstick

I’ve always found it curious, verging on odd, that Churchill famously didn’t ban red lipstick during the war in order to ‘keep up morale’. It always felt like a funny comment, but then there is something special about smoothing over lipstick over my lips that gives me a little thrill inside. It’s gentle and controlled, but admittedly it’s pretty much always there.

Since the new year, I haven’t refrained from a ‘red lip day’ every so often. It took a lengthy search for the right shade- I wanted something deep and dark- but Christmas shopping got me there in the end.

It feels as if you’re not exactly apt to hide, so I don’t think I could ever carry off this look every day- but then that makes the day when I do, that little but more powerful.

Because indisputably, red lipstick is a statement. And perhaps this is what made it flare up so much during the war. It ties in with the whole ‘fight for victory’ mentality; a determination and life that won’t be beaten down into nude, pale colours (metaphorically and literally in lipstick).

In general, looking back and seeing how women have enjoyed this since the days of Old Hollywood, just heightens my enchantment of the tube. Look up Greta Garbo for the 1920’s, and Rita Hayworth and Elizabeth Taylor for the 40's and 50's- just a few radiant stars who established red lipstick into the everyday. If you haven't seen my inspiration page yet, you'll find Greta, Rita and Elizabeth are amongst the faces on there.

An icon in itself, and beautifully unapologetic, I think it’s fair to say the red lip phenomenon will be around for many decades to come...

Mimi x


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