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Vintage outfits on Netflix to drool over

It's back again! A collection of vintage outfits on Netflix. I did a couple of these posts earlier on, but the urge only came up to do one again when I was watching some Netflix and my eyes popped. Every film or series will have a team of costume designers and a fashion historian working on every outfit. The decade in which it was set will be researched extensively, a moodboard of outfits and patterns from those years will be created/put together, and then the designers will begin to sketch out the outfits they have in mind for each character, in each scene. I just think it's a marvellous process. I would actually love to be a fashion historian, and have many a time considered it. Let me know if you enjoy these kind of posts. Anyway enough blabbering, let's get to the good part.

First off, Eva from 'High Seas'. This is a Spanish series which never disappoints if I want to look at some elegant vintage dresses or two pieces. Eva looks stunning in a dark red, so this wine evening number immediately started ticking all the right boxes. I love the open back, the velvet fabric, and the little sleeves which add a bit of personality. Finally, the vintage hairstyle with gentle waves, the matching lipstick, and a glass of champagne in her hands, made the look complete.

Here is a two piece which I also really love. In the 1930s and 40s, having broad shoulders on women's blazers, blouses or tea dresses became a style, and it's actually something I've seen Eva wear a lot.

The beret is also so enchanting, I love berets paired with a vintage hairstyle and outfit from the bottom of my heart. She also brings along this leather purse/hand held bag, and though it looks a pain to be carrying around in your hands all the time, it suits the cream, and the style of the beret, perfectly. I love how there are brown accents on the two piece too. I'm really falling for the chunky waistband, and how the cuffs of the sleeves are turned up to reveal the same material, and then again the buttons are brown. Or just ties it all together. Brown and cream- a dream.

[I added some authentic patterns to this to show you the wide shoulders. The first three are from 1933, and they even pair the jackets with berets just like Eva wears here! The next three- which use much more colour- are from the 1940's. Patterns is the term for a little paper package you buy to sew a specific dress or design. It has the design sketches on the front, and the different puzzle pieces and instructions to make the dress inside. There are thousands of old sewing patterns in antique shops and even charity shops, and on ebay and etsy.]

Her sister in the series, Carolina, (see below) also has some outfits to inspire. I guess I relate more to Eva because our colourings are the same and the colours which look best on us match, but Carolina often looks stunning head to toe in her attire too. Here I am obsessed with how one side of her hair is pinned back and then the tilted hat follows this, and leaves that part visible. Pulling back a triangle like that is always such a flattering look, in fact, it reminds me of my younger self, as I often went to school like that. Carolina's hair always looks immaculate. 'Hollywood waves' at their best, and so glossy too. Plus the red lipstick really pops with her light hair. I love the contrast, and it reminds me that red lipstick is not just for dark girls. The yellow tones with her colourings is just a delight here, and her pinned hair and tilted hat and droplet earrings, all have me hooked.

In the 1930's, hat designs took off like never before, and the hat world saw a burst of different designs. They became unique, fun, complex, and much more structurally interesting. This is called a 'Cartwheel hat' (with a shallow crown and wide, shallow brim). It first came about in the 1930s and would be seen on the beach, but by the 40s and early 50s it became much more prominent.

The early 1950's saw a revolutionary style called the 'New Look', a collection published by Dior in 1947, just two years after the second World War. It's purpose was to rediscover prosperity after the restrictions the war put on fashion. But also, Cristian Dior put into the collection an image of radical femininity: chinked in waists, fitted jackets with small waists but padded hips, and A-line skirts with metres of fabric (lots and lots of volume). The emphasis was on the Hourglass figure, and strategically exaggerating this with the designs.

Then, the Cartwheel hat became an accessory to the 'New Look' style. They provided balance to the wide skirt, and continued the theme of extravagance with just how large the brim is. It's certainly a statement hat, and I love it.

I'll make this the last one to not make this too long and make a Part || soon, but in the series 'The Umbrella Academy' there are also two characters who dress vintage to look out for. That is, the mum, 'Grace', and 'the Handler'. They always wear 50's full skirts with the A-line shape, and occasionally an incredible overcoat. These overcoats still keep the hourglass figure as if it was a full skirted dress; the idea is that the coat does not lose the shape of the dress underneath, but has as much of a small waist, and an A-line shape, and a full-skirt as the outfit underneath. Grace wears a blue dogtooth one here below which I adore, and the Handler wears a black one, and a purple tweed one here, which again I just find so elegant and beautiful.

I also just love their hair, which is always in a vintage style, and Grace's red lipstick; it suits her incredibly well. (It still puzzles me how these vintage hairstyles are created without using a tonne load of products, but someday I would love to learn.)

Something to note, is that Grace's 'everyday' outfit is not accurate, and is more 'costumey', as the skirt has pink and white spots in varying sizes, whereas in reality, the polka dots would always be small and equal. The vibe is much more 'dress up vintage' than authentic, but since the blouse, hair, silhouettes and lipstick is still spot on, I still love to see it. Likewise, the outfits of the 'Handler' can often be far too 'costumey' to be related to authentic vintage, but the sillhouettes will always follow the 50s style, and she does love a good vintage hat. She even smokes out of a cigarette holder, which of course, is a 'look' if ever there was one. It perfectly suits her character which is full of and air and performance.

That's all for now, but I collected so many images of many more outfits that I adore- there's one dressing gown in particular which I can't wait to share. Hope you're having a wonderful week, and you're finding lot's of inspiration,

Mimi x


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